My song writing hero. F’ing awesome! Introduced by no other than the Almighty God Himself. Amen!!!


Ben Harper

just not on top of things

not enough resilience?

too much baggage?

not strong enough?

not mature?

need more time?


just not compatible?

leanness unto their souls…….


eat your vegetables.

I love to cook.

The vibrancy of vegetables. Colors!!!

Vegetables– cooking at Cousin Alaric’s place.

Man! The inventor of the les paul guitar has passed on.

les paul

The man who single-handedly changed the face of electric guitar and rock and roll music by producing a solid-body electric guitar, the Les Paul. Used by musicians all over the world and made famous by *ahem* Slash, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons and the likes.

Slash (former Guns n Roses)


Sir Jimmy Page

jimmy page

I’ve always wanted to own a big fat Les Paul so the first guitar i ever owned was an Aria Pro Les Paul Copy. This is the closest resemblance!

aria pro

Bought from Luthermusic in 1999 just when my parents lost  everything. Those were some crazy times! Inspired by some long-haired guitarist bending wild notes on a certain november rain solo.

Men like these inspire you.


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Here’s a recent photo of me burning tyres with the marios and kong donkey

karting baby!!!

Peace out.